Take Expressive Pet Portraits on iPhone with Sophie Gamand | Apple

2021 Хон 25-нд
4 216 347 Үзсэн тоо

Learn how to take expressive pet portraits on iPhone with photographer Sophie Gamand and Jahmyra from Today at Apple.

What You’ll Need:
iPhone 11 or later

0:00 - Introduction
0:47 - Jahmyra meets Sophie Gamand (@sophiegamand)
2:28 - Step 1: Get on their level
4:58 - Step 2: Tune in to the animal’s energy
6:21 - Step 3: Let personalities shine with extras
8:57 - Sophie shares unexpected pet portraits
9:38 - Final expressive pet portraits revealed
9:44 - Jahmyra discusses her top three takeaways

For more information on Soul Dog Rescue: souldog.org
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How to change Portrait Lighting effects: apple.co/3lG9EJE
How to edit Live Photos on your iPhone: apple.co/37rfgze
How to choose a key photo: apple.co/37piuTF
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